“Combining hockey and combat, Mad Machines provides a new way to play that is better than Lucioball and Rocket League combined”


“The similarity to Rocket League is obvious, but the ability to shred your opponent’s armor and take them out of the game promises to add a fun layer of strategy”


“My favorite aspects include the destructive melee combat and goalie system. Each goal is shielded by a layer of glass that requires you to launch the ball through it to score”


Conquer fast-paced, ball breaking, robot smashing combat to become the ultimate brutal goal scoring machine in this mad and aggressive world of sport.

Featuring intense 3v3, brutal, jaw jarring combat.

Mad Machines is for those who love brutal, competitive fun where skill makes the difference.

Team up with other competitors to dominate the pitch, breaking all those who stand in your way and carving a path to victory by launching the lethal magnetized ball into the enemy goal by any means necessary.

Not for casuals. Not for mobile. For hardcore, Ball busting competitors.

MAD MACHINES is developed by Danish game developer Hero Blocks ApS