“Combining hockey and combat, Mad Machines provides a new way to play that is better than Lucioball and Rocket League combined”


“The similarity to Rocket League is obvious, but the ability to shred your opponent’s armor and take them out of the game promises to add a fun layer of strategy”


“My favorite aspects include the destructive melee combat and goalie system. Each goal is shielded by a layer of glass that requires you to launch the ball through it to score”


Mad Machines is a team-based ball game, inspired by the most fun and innovative parts of every sport. Step into the arena with one of three different classes of Machines and use their unique combat abilities to hit ball and foe alike – this robotic sport is a brawl where nothing is off the table! Swing at your enemies to take their armour for yourself, and collect their head for a burst of energy that can be the difference between a win and a loss.

Precision is key in the arena. This ballgame was lovingly crafted by a sports fanatic, and with a design rooted in tennis, hockey, and other sports you’ll need to practice, practice, and practice in order to hit that heavy metal ball perfectly. Use your magnet to carry the ball and open up more options in your play – discover your own way to win.

Competitive sport, with intense brawling and precise controls. This is Mad Machines.

MAD MACHINES is developed by Danish game developer Hero Blocks ApS